Agronomic Lighting

LED grow lights for agricultural applications.

Replacing the sun is not an easy task, and just between us, it’s not really possible. However, with broad understanding, an international support and knowledge network and excellent products we manage to provide plants with what they need, using LED grow lights.

Our focus is minimal power consumption with maximum effectiveness and financial feasibility, which will assist in growing a healthy, high quality plant. Not every blue or red LED light will provide what the plants really need. In order to achieve the right lighting effect, you should consult with someone who can recommend the optimum solution based on experience, planning and knowledge.

When our products light up something that actually grows, it amazes us and makes us feel we did something special.

Vertical farms, agriculture oriented startup companies, cannabis growers, growers with a vision, science development institutes and anyone who touches plants are potential customers who can enjoy our products and services in the LED grow light field.

Talk to us and ask the questions, we are happy to share our knowledge, and offer the right solutions.

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