Clone & nursery grow carts

Clone rooms and nurseries are characterized by small real-estate with a high number of plants at a sensitive stage in the growth cycle.

When examining the ratio of capital investment per m2 vs the number of plants we can affect, we can see that at a relatively low cost we can get high level control of the growing conditions for a large number of

The clone phase jumpstarts the whole growing cycle. The end result we want to reach at the end of the whole growing cycle must come into consideration in the results we produce in our clone room, and in
the qualities of the plants that exit it going in to the next vegetative phase.

Working with grow carts in the clone and seedling stage makes plant handling and movement in our facility much easier. The cart acts both as an easy-to-handle growing infrastructure and as a transportation tool.

But still each growing facility has its own needs and there are cases where stationary shelf racks will be more suitable than mobile carts.

From the lighting perspective the requirements are diverse and there are many optional solutions, it all depends on the results we are trying to achieve.

One of the biggest challenges in shelf lighting is maintaining a high level of uniformity with a minimal edge effect at a short distance between lighting and plant canopy. This challenge was addressed and solved in a unique way in the lighting solution we use.

Our grow carts are modular and so are the lighting solutions we use for them. This allows us to approach each project with a clean slate and design the best solution specifically adjusted to the client’s needs
and for achieving their targets.

You can work with our grow carts that include different lighting solutions and accessories adjusted to the requirements of your specific case, or alternatively just get a lighting system based on a light design we will do according to the layout and conditions in your grow room and targets.

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