MINIFARM | A perfect solution for hobby growth

Imagine how fun it would be to grow lettuce, mint or even cherry tomatoes in a small apartment in the center of Tel Aviv, or how refreshing and special it would be to go to your bank branch and see that they grow cacti or herbs inside.

The Minifarm system provides solutions for apartments, offices, cafes, showrooms and a variety of places where plants intended for growing in the sun cannot be grown. The system provides the plant with the light it needs and simulates what it would receive in outdoor growth.

The system includes:

  • LED lighting fixture
  • Power Cord + Power Supply
  • Timer
  • A basin for placing the plants
  • Complete germination kit (not including fertilizers and seeds)
  • Available in 2 sizes:
    Large - W650 x L300 x H470 mm
    Small - W360 x L180 x H390 mm

The systems are designed for hobby growth and decoration and help to bring the outdoors inside!

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