Photoperiodic lighting

The differences between photoperiodic and photosynthetic lighting

Photoperiod (light duration) is like a switch that activates or prevents the flowering mechanisms in plants.

Photoperiodic lighting arrays and black out screens allow us to control initiation of flowering in our plants.

Photoperiodic lighting is characterized by low lighting levels, the main objective is to manipulate the plant's processes to be consistent with a longer day than it naturally is.

  • E27 base bulbs.
  • Available at 7W and 15W.
  • Installation accessories optional - Cable with casted E27 bases, suitable for humid environments.
  • Products developed specifically for agricultural applications, with extra protection that allows operation in harsh environments.
  • A spectrum design that targets the Phytochrome absorption curve for achieving the effect at minimal power consumption.

We will prepare a light calculation for each project which will show the light distribution on the plants canopy, and produce the needed effect with requested light intensities and uniformity at minimal power consumption.

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