Hi we’re REMY. One of the first players in the Israeli LED lighting field.

We do what we do because we believe everyone has the right to enjoy good lighting using minimal power consumption.
From YANUV in the SHARON district of Israel, we reach all parts of the country and sometimes even other continents around the world.

The question we ask in every decision is “how can we save electricity here?”

Our goal is to reduce energy consumption without compromising lighting levels and quality.
To reach the best results we base our offers on light calculations and simulations.

For the Horticulture lighting part of the business we bring great passion and a unique value chain.

Our knowledge that has been built since 2012, cooperation with Dutch, Spanish and Korean companies, cooperation with agriculture project companies and our partnership in a precision agriculture company create a unique added value our customers can enjoy.
We make sure that after installation, results will be as planned, while glare, uniformity, intensity and quality will match the international standards.

Professionalism = Responsibility

Light is a life source and an important part of all our lives. Correct and efficient lighting helps us in all aspects of life. It is a great privilege for us to influence your lighting experience, and it's also a great obligation, in which we are meticulous about every little professional detail.


We focus not only on the product, but also on the lighting in your space. For this purpose we harness the right mix of products that will work for you. This mix is based not only on esthetics and feel, but on many years of experience, complicated calculations, prior research and meticulous planning.

Compromise - there is none!

We don't cut corners, we make sure to work thoroughly to reach real and effective solutions.


Our faith in our customers, and their faith in us, is the fuel and the basis of the relationship we build together.

Challenges "turn us on"

We are experts at finding special solutions for specific problems. A combination of a wide international network of connections, flexibility and vast technical knowledge allows us to do what others can't.


With us, you'll live in "good light", without wasting energy.

Contact us

Office 09-8988302

Fax 09-8988202

[email protected]

We are at 19 Morad HaTe'ena, Moshav Yanuv 4282500

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