Agronomic lighting for ornamental plants | Brown Beach House

October 2019

A refreshing atmosphere is important in Brown Beach House in Tel Aviv, even in places that have no access to natural lighting.

While TomGrow's guys were setting up their autonomous growing system, they asked us for a supplemental lighting solution.

On the lighting side, a simple accurate application that demonstrates the possibilities we have with efficient lighting and the right spectrum choice.

24W of electricity, is more than enough energy. Lighting that generates almost no heat, with low power consumption helps us bring some of the outside indoors, and live in a growing and regenerating atmosphere.

Thanks TomGrow! for the trust and willingness to cooperate.
Thank you Brown Beach House, for thinking outside the box and looking out for your visitors' well being.

Thanks to the combination of TomGrow’s autonomous growing system with our lighting solution, the pictures were taken four months after the plants were put there, with not irrigation, fertilization and sunlight since.

We wish us all good light :)

End customer: @BrownBeachHouse

Planning and execution: @TomGrow

Agronomic lighting: REMY