Clone room in a Cannabis growing facility

June 2020

We met a special group of people in a MOSHAV located in the Northern part of Israel.

We felt a great connection between us right from the get-go, and we immediately recognized it is not a standard project.
The size, standard and pace in which they were moving are all uncommon in the Israeli medical Cannabis market.

It made us very happy when they chose to put their trust in us and asked us to plan and supply growing systems for their clone room. A sensitive bottle-neck to the whole facility production line flow, that has small margin for error.

After identifying needs and targets and characterizing a concept we went ahead to detailed planning.
A base of good communication and honest cooperation gave us the opportunity to produce effective solutions together with the client.

In this project we characterized > planned > imported > assembled > and made post installation QA measurements for the clone growing systems.

Some people are “energy givers”, the kind of people you will always want to cooperate with, add value to and generally provide as much as you can.

When we finish a project and get feedback like this, it really makes all the efforts worth it.

We are proud and humbled to take part in a project that will affect the whole Israeli Cannabis industry, bring innovation, advance the market, set a high standard and most importantly, improve quality of life of tens and even hundreds of thousands of people.

Characterization, planning, light planning, manufacturing, installation: REMY
Facility planning, building, HVACD, Infrastructure: Profit Agro