The entomology lab in Volcanic center

November 2018

When we were approached by the entomology lab in Volcanic center their concern was plant etiolation, growth rate and light intensity.

We received the basic data of the growth room and did some measurements before we dove in to the planning.

Based on the client’s requirements, budget and agronomic targets we chose the right spectrum, planed for the right PPFD and added dimming and installation accessories that will help maximize efficiency and operation of the lighting solution.

After switching to our product, the plant growth is much better and with only 30% of the energy. It’s great to start the day with a message from the grower saying:

“The lighting is excellent, we are getting flowers in the grow room, this has never happened before!”

High-quality lighting, accurate spectrum, convenient installation and pre-planning provide the required solution efficiently and results are visible in the field.

- 1.2m long florescent lamps.
- Total power consumption 1,440W per hour.
- Measured light intensity 40-50 micromuls/m2/sec.
- Spectrum: 6000K cool white T8 florecsent tubes.

- 1.2m long linear LED bars.
- Total max power consumption 480W per hour.
- Measured light intensity 120-140 micromuls/m2/sec.
- Spectrum: for vegetative stage that can work for a verity of plants.

Extra benefits:
- More than 65% reduction in power consumption.
- 2-3 time more light intensity.
- Heat generation by lighting went down by 80-90%.
- Dimming capability.
- Easy operation of light fixture height according to the plant and required coverage.

On top of LED being a more efficient technology that allows such dramatic decrease in power consumption, it also provides a more accurate spectrum which the plants react better to, and helps in successful growing.