Lighting for Cannabis Clone Room | DAGAN Agricultural Automation

June 2019

It is a great feeling when you are provided with the conditions and given the platform to bring forth your true capabilities and excel.

That was exactly the case in the project we did with DAGAN AGRICULTURAL AUTOMATION LTD, for setting up a complete growing system for a clone room of one of the most advanced medicinal cannabis growing facility in Israel.

Strict requirements and demand for the highest standards coupled with trust, support and a true desire to cooperate provide results that speak for themselves.

In this project, together with DAGAN AGRICULTURAL AUTOMATION LTD we characterized > planned > manufactured > supplied > installed and electrified a complete growing system.
We are very proud of the process and results and are grateful for the great cooperation.

We wish we could have also shared some pictures, but we will have to settle for logos and a picture of the plant which is the true star of the project...

Planning, integration and execution: @DAGAN
Characterization, planning, light planning, manufacturing, installation: REMY