Surprising applications of LED grow lights


Finally we are allowed to publish, that a secret, innovative fresh new project has been finalized by our colleagues in PARUS EUROPE.

The client asked for an oxygen rich, fresh working environment

The project is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It included the construction of special, open grow cabinets, as well as designating plants which would best attain the goal ,along with designing and supplying unique LED grow lights which have the correct spectrum available for both the plants and the human working environment.
Our friends from PARUS EUROPE took part in every aspect of the project and tailor made the solution that would serve the client's needs.

So it turns out, LED grow lights are not only changing the way mankind is growing vegetables, it is also opening minds to innovative, fresh, dynamic architecture. With the right knowledge and accurate products we can bring the outside indoors, improve our work environment and quality of life.

It is intriguing to see where else this technology will take us.

And if this article opened your mind to a new idea, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you realize it.