10/2017 | from the British Guardian

The brilliant indoor benefits of LED grow lights

An interesting read: an article in the Guardian by James Wong which talks about LED grow lights.

Last winter James started experimenting with LED grow lights in his small apartment. Nine months down the line he is a total convert.

In the article, James writes about the new generation of LED grow lights. The new lighting is effective, cool-running and costs a fraction of the price of the older generations. It is also energy efficient and small enough to be easily incorporated into living room decor. There are fixtures that are small and light enough to be attached to shelves, turning existing pieces of furniture into instant growing units.

James was able to grow houseplants in his dark, urban apartment, that he never could before.

LED grow lights have a marked effect on basement or north facing apartments. James sowed 6 weeks earlier than usual and still managed to grow tomatoes and chilies without any etiolation of the plants.

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