Industrial Lighting

Street Lights, High Bay, Low Bay, Office Lighting, Flood Lighting, and more...

In the year 2008 we recognized a revolution was coming, and estimated that the global lighting industry was about to change. We were witnessing dramatic technological developments (read more) and understood immediately that this was the future of lighting.

REMY operates in several LED lighting fields. We started 10 years ago and have been providing solutions for industrial and commercial applications ever since.

LED lighting for industrial and commercial applications, requires deep knowledge, and performance according to strict standards.

For projects in this field we also offer additional services such as light calculations and simulations, financial savings and ROI calculations, international product certifications for quality and safety standards, technical support and long term warranty.

Offices, production halls, car parks, show rooms, factories or any other commercial industrial space are suitable for this product group.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry and we will be more than happy to get to know you and offer our services and solutions.

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