Advantages of LED Lighting

Over the past few years the LED (Light Emitting Diode) has gone through a massive technological progression which can be seen in illumination intensity, wide color range and illumination angles. As a result, a whole new world of applications has opened up based on one common key component – the LED.

LED lighting has a number of outstanding advantages:

Long life span:

Approximately 100,000 illuminating hours per LED with a decay of up to 30% in light output, after 50,000 working hours. The LED is durable and can withstand vibrations, humidity and other hazards. The LED life span will not be affected by switching the lamp on and off.

Low power consumption:

LED lamps can save up to 80% in power consumption compared to traditional alternatives. As a result, money can be saved by using thinner cables for infrastructure.

Immediate light output:

When switching on the lamp, there is no delay and the lamp will provide full illumination immediately.

Environmental friendly:

There is no gas, lead, mercury or other hazardous material in the LED.